Thursday, September 15, 2011

Club Baked: Bananas Foster Fritters

Two dessert recipes in a row! Can you even believe your eyes?
Clearly, I've been busy in the kitchen... 
Bananas Foster is a traditional dessert from New Orleans made by flambeing bananas with rum and pouring it over vanilla ice cream. Sounds yummy, right? This recipe mimics just that - only brings it to another level. Bananas are one of the fruits I can eat everyday, so to put it in a dessert? I'm sold. What else can I make that mimics the flavors of Bananas Foster?

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Hands down, the best part of this dessert is the Rum Dipping Sauce. Seriously, you can dip a dirty leaf in that stuff and it would taste amazing. I know you want to know what's in this incredible concoction, don't you?

Unsalted Butter.
Brown Sugar.
Heavy Cream. 
Pure Vanilla.
Pinch of Cinnamon.

That's quite the line-up of ingredients. They can do no wrong though. Don't worry - the fritters are worth making as well. They were cakey in the middle, crusty on the outside and had nice little pockets of banana goodness all throughout. As you can see, I dusted completely covered all of my fritters in a mixture of powdered sugar and cinnamon. That way you could eat them with or without the glorious dipping sauce. I will definitely keep this recipe in my baking repertoire, but next time I might test out the fritters with apples instead of bananas (as per Mama's request). They would even be delicious plain! You know, you have to live a little and be willing to experiment. That's my philosophy anyway.

This recipe was chosen by Stephanie of Ice Cream Before Dinner.
Check out Club: Baked to see how the other bakers did this week!

Tutti Mangia!


Anonymous said...

I'm cracking up because of our discussion the other night about this recipe! You weren't kidding when you said you COVERED them in powdered sugar!!! Mine look barely coated lol!!! Yours look delicious! Gotta LOVE that rum sauce!!!

K. said...

Your fritters look delicious! I had that same idea too, to try this with apple next time.

Lorraine said...

Yum! Yours look really good. I think apple ones would be great too!

Gloria said... you comment about the sauce making a dirty left taste good. I think you are right! I doused my fritters in the cinnamon powdered sugar as well. Yummy stuff!

Tessa said...

I also love most things bananas foster. I am going to have to check out your list!

k.a.r.e.n said...

How about bananas AND apples next time? That would make a wonderful combo too! Yours look great.

Adriana said...

Those look fantastic: the perfect marriage of Bananas Foster and another New Orleans favorite, beignets! I'm on the hunt for a Bananas Foster ice cream recipe.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for baking along with me! I enjoyed this one. I agree - even a dirty leaf would taste good in rum dipping sauce (hilarious statement by the way!) :)

Kirsten said...

Oh apple! That sounds yummy. I was thinking maybe pumpkin too. Great job!!

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